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 Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, Peruvian

PRISTINE HAIR COMPANY 100% HUMAN VIRGIN REMY HAIR, because you deserve nothing but best—our 100% human hair is collected exclusively from healthy and young donors. The hair features cuticles aligned in one direction, each cuticle fortified and healthy, natural luster and shine, the longevity of the hair, vibrant color, hair that is silky, flexible, shed-proof; and perfect in thickness and width. There’s a reason why smart ladies demand Pristine Hair Company Remy hair, and there’s a reason why it’s luxury hair.


Pristine Hair is carefully chosen using a 21 point check system, which begins with a health assessment of the donor, their age, and other important factors that could affect the longevity of the hair. After which a careful process to hand collect the hair, after which it is sterilized and sorted for the best quality & texture, providing a superior product.

 All of our hair is guaranteed to have all the cuticles intact and unidirectional to prevent tangling and for that great silky feel. You can be fully confident with your new, beautiful manageable luxurious and long-lasting Remy hair extensions. 


 All professionals know that the longevity and the beauty of hair are really in the condition of the cuticles on the hair. It is vital to fortify the cuticles on the virgin hair with necessary vitamins to strengthen the hair.




 We only accept the healthy hairs of young donors in their prime health conditions, with thick and lustrous hair. And instead of opting to use harsh chemical astringents to disinfect and clean the hair, we use natural herds and sterilization process, which requires more steps—but is more beneficial to you.















Pristine Hair weft super thin it, with the ideal thin it looks and feels as if it’s a single weft: idealistic thickness and width: easy to sew—lays perfectly flat—soft and comfortable to wear. Completed with shed proof stitching pattern, it’s technology that can’t be duplicated.

Pristine Hair weft is made as short as possible, solving the problem of your natural hair becoming entangled with the weft and making knots as it grows out.



All of our hair types come in a straight, curly, loose wave, deep wave, and body wave. All styles are available in lengths ranging from 10” to 30.” Closures are also available. All hair is chemically untreated and free from dyes. 


With proper care, our hair will last more than one year, even with repeated washing and reinstalls.


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